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Clever solutions and outstanding services are possible thanks to the
most complete portfolio of sheet metal software products.

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Lantek, the best support for metal software solutions in the United Kingdom
Lantek Metal Software Solutions Global Release 2014


Lantek, a strategic partner providing software solutions for the shipbuilding industry

Lantek, a strategic partner providing software solutions for the shipbuilding industry

July 2014
The multinational leader in CAD/CAM/MES/ERP solutions has incorporated specific functions for sheet metal design, nesting and machining for the shipbuilding industry. The ability to adapt to the sp...
Lantek Global Release 2014

Lantek launches new version of its software solutions for the metal industry

June 2014
The multinational software company's new portfolio offers advances in calculating nesting and machining and improving manufacturing management that can be integrated with all CAD market solutions. ...
Lantek subcontractors

Specialized suppliers in the metal industry become more agile and cost-effective with Lantek solutions

April 2014
Lantek provides software products specialized in the efficient management of materials, costs, time management, shipments, and consumption The metal industry is based on the activity of large manuf...
Lantek Factory concept at MACH 2014

Lantek Factory concept on show at MACH

March 2014
Companies in the sheet metal and structural steel industries will be able to see how the new Lantek Factory concept, which brings together all of Lantek’s products into one dedicated software solution...
Lantek and DC Developments

Lantek Integra makes short delivery times a reality at DC Developments

March 2014
DC Developments relies entirely on Lantek Integra ERP to achieve the rapid turnarounds that make it a highly successful subcontracting company. Based in Norwich, it has five laser cutting machines in...
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