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Gemma Nogales participates today in a virtual conference on the future of work

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has dedicated its Year of Science 2018 to the future of work and how we can prepare for the upcoming changes. The Year of Science 2018 will end with a highlight: a major conference in Stuttgart, Germany from December 4-5, where a number of institutions and firms all over the world, besides Lantek, and the national research community will present their current findings and perspectives to stimulate a lively discussion about the working life of the future, both onsite in Stuttgart and remotely by joining the conference virtually. It will be performed like a virtual tour around the world connecting international researchers.

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The Lantek 360 advantage – digitization in the cloud for sheet metal manufacturers

Lantek is a recognised leader in sheet metal software and its skills and experience internationally led it to develop a suite of cloud based applications, Lantek 360, which it launched at EuroBlech, which will deliver a clear path to digitization for the industry.

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A web shop for metal parts and tubes

Order metal parts and tubes easily online: The IT expert Lantek introduces its software for the innovative “MetalShop“ at the 25th Euroblech in Hannover. It is one of three innovations, by which the IT expert enters the technology of cloud-based software for sheet metal processing. Lantek introduces its innovative software “MetalShop“ for online ordering at the 25th Euroblech.

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Business processes in sheet metal processing handled through the cloud

An innovative software for the controlling of business processes is introduced by the IT expert Lantek at the 25th EuroBLECH in Hannover: "Lantek iQuoting". It is one of three new products by which Lantek enters the technology of cloud-based software for sheet metal processing.

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October 2018

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