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Lantek Expert Cut Waterjet Technology

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Lantek Expert Cut Waterjet Technology is a CAD / CAM system specially designed to automate the programming of sheet metal cutting machines (oxicut, plasma, laser, water jet). It is the result of more than 20 years experience in close collaboration with both manufacturers and users of these types of machines. It perfectly combines machine technology with customers’ programming and management requirements.

Lantek Expert Cut Waterjet Technology is designed in such way, so that users only have to follow the steps indicated by the system.


Cut Waterjet Technology

The waterjet cutting technology tables are specific for each type of machine, it provides reduction in speed at corners, special piercings and multihead.


Technical characteristics

  • All options fully integrated. All the options of Lantek Expert are fully integrated in a single program, so designing a part, importing, nesting (automatic or manual), generating the cut (automatic or manual), generating the CNC, looking at the sheet metal store, etc. will be achieved from the same program without switching between programs.
  • Production management. Processes. Lantek Expert is ready for connection to production management systems (ERP) by means of automatic processes.
  • Teamwork. Available for operation as a stand alone productivity cell, or as part of a network system.
  • Parts management and sheet store with open databases. All parts info is saved in databases organised in such a way that users can easily locate the part and sheet required, as these are classified by fields like material, thickness, date, customer, etc. The remnant automatically generated by the system is saved in the sheet inventory like any other sheet metal and can be used for future jobs.
  • Large library of parametric parts.
  • Calculation of real time and cost. Lantek Expert calculates time and cost of cutting any part and also the entire sheet. Taking into account the number of piercings, the cut length, the mark length, the material costs, the hourly machine rate, the cost of consumables and based on the technological machine data.
  • 2D design. Lantek Expert includes advanced options for geometry and edition.
  • Smart Importer/Exporter. Connection with the most important CAD systems on the market: DXF, DWG, IGES, etc.
  • Lantek Expert has an optional modules for calculating HVAC, DUCT parts, unfolding and 3D design.


Automatic Nesting

Manual and automatic nesting with great flexibility and maximun performance.

The perfect combination of automatic and semi-automatic nesting along with powerful manual nesting functions like: copying, moving, rotating, adjoining, etc

Lantek Expert’s automatic nesting optimises to the maximum the arrangement of parts on the sheet.

Lantek Expert generates nestings on remnants. Just like for sheets, margins can be defined for remnants.



Lantek Expert Cut allows to configure and manage the type and value of lead-in/lead outs for different types of contours.

Common line cutting can be achieved on several parts or just limit to pairs of parts. With microjoints and pre-cuts.

It detects errors in the design and machining.

Lantek Expert Cut has automatic lead-ins, manual and automatic cutting, machining copy, customised machine configuration and postprocessor for all types of machine.


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