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Lantek Expert Duct

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Lantek Expert Duct is a powerful module for calculating HVAC and DUCT figures. The software is the result of more than 20 years experience in close collaboration with both manufacturers and users of sheet metal cutting machines (oxicut, plasma, laser, water jet). It perfectly combines machine technology with customers` programming management requirements.

Lantek Expert Duct is designed in such a way that the user only has to follow the steps provided by the system. Users simply have to select the figure to be developed, enter the required dimensions. The figure will be automatically developed, ready for machining. It includes a complete library of parametric figures which also follow DIN regulations (square to round, cones, cilindres, boilermaking figures, tube intersections, etc.) to cover most of the duct shapes available.


Technical features

  • Extended library of parametric parts and HVAC figures.
  • Easy to use. The user only needs to select the part and enter the data for the system automatically develop the part. For a faster production there is also a figures editor.
  • 2D Design. Integrates a CAD 2D module to design any part, as well as any geometric modification of the contours. The flat pattern can then be cut automatically.
  • Parts management. All the parts are stored in organised data bases.
  • Weight and cost estimates. Lantek Expert calculates weight, cutting perimeter and material costs.
  • Smart importer/exporter. Connection with the major CAD systems on the market: DXF, DWG, IGES, etc.
  • Integration of all the options. All the options of Lantek Expert Duct are fully integrated with the other modules of the Expert family in a single program. So any modification in the part will be achieved from the same program without switching programs or affecting the nesting or the cutting sequence.
  • Production management process. Lantek Expert is capable of integration with ERP by automatic process.
  • Team work. Ready to work stand alone or installed in a Local Area network.



Lantek Expert Duct is a system which takes into account HVAC and Duct requirements. The user can define the following options:

  • Type of neutral axis (internal, neutral, external) with which we make the calculations.
  • Type of joints used for the parts.
  • Number of sections.
  • Type of engraving (lines, notches, drilling, etc.) for cutting machines.
  • Seams, connections, etc.


High definition HVAC and Duct figures

Lantek Expert Duct adapts perfectly to the air conditioning and ventilation industry. The user can define the following options:

  • Baffle Plates: Can be generated configuring the neccesary parameters in order to generate the sheet, plates.
  • Library of seams, connections, flanges, etc. The user can easily define these elements graphically.
  • Etc.



The system generates listings such as:

  • Listing scale 1:1 in order to cut directly the part from the sheet.
  • Geometrical listing for the development of esential points.
  • Design of important shapes page by page.
  • Listing of all the parts.
  • Labels listing.
  • Listing of frames and other high definition HVAC and Duct figures.


DIN Regulation 18.379

The figures are using DIN standard 18.379. Therefore we guarante the fulfillment of the European building and construction regulations. We also generate documentation and information in line with the above regulation.



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