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Lantek Expert Punch

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Lantek Expert Punch is a CAD/CAM software system especially designed for automating the programming of CNC punching machines. It is the result of over 25 years’ experience of close collaboration with both manufacturers and users of this type of machine.

It perfectly combines machine technology with the customer’s programming and management needs. The user can personalize the interface offered by Lantek to meet their exact requirements. Lantek Expert offers the most productive and profitable solution for punching machines programming.


General characteristics

  • Easy to learn. A tutorial guides you through the process. It is designed so that the user simply follows the steps indicated by the system.
  • Integration of all options. All the Lantek Expert options are integrated into one programme, and therefore part design, importing, nesting (automatic or manual), punching (automatic or manual), CNC generation, viewing the sheet metal store, calculating times and costs, etc., can all be done from one single programme with no need for change.
  • Production management. Processes. Lantek Expert is designed to connect to ERP by automatic processes.
  • Teamwork. Available for operation as a stand alone productivity cell or as part of a network system.
  • Parts management and sheet metal store carried out by open data bases. All the parts are stored in organised Data Bases. Sheets and remnants are located in a sheet metal store, sorted by material, thickness, date, etc.
  • 2D and 3D design with unfolding.
  • Parametric parts library.
  • Intelligent import / export. Connection to the principal CAD systems on the market: DXF, DWG, IGES, etc.


Automatic Nesting

Automatic and manual nesting with great flexibility and optimum performance. The perfect combination of automatic and semiautomatic Nesting, with powerful manual Nesting functions such as grid copying, moving, rotating, etc.

Lantek Expert Punch automatic Nesting fully optimises part availability from sheets. Its treatment of single parts is perfectly simple.


Management of punches, dies, turrets...

Lantek Expert correctly manages Autoindex tools, Multitool stations and all tool types, from the most standard to tools for forming, embossing, drilling, threading, stamping, rolling, etc.

The system genuinely takes into account the characteristics of each station of the turret punch or linear store. Standard turret punches can also be configured for each product or material / thickness.


Automatic punching software

The mechanisation of the geometry is totally automatic in accordance with working rules which are completely configurable by the user and the limits of the machine. In addition to this, the selection made by the system can be very easily changed for macro instructions to be used.

Lantek Expert Punch also stands out for the possibility it gives of carrying out common punching and sheet replacement totally automatically.


Added technologies (shearing and cutting)

With Lantek Expert Punch, both shearing machines and combined machines with a laser cutting head can also be programmed. Shearing and laser cutting are automatically managed, and it is extremely simple to use.


Manual and automatic punching

In the Nesting module, the machining is automatically generated in accordance with various criteria for optimising of run, angle or time. It is however easy to modify the punching order, type of micro-fastenings, etc., either semi-automatically or manually.

The CNC programmes are generated instantaneously and if various parts are being worked with, sub-programmes can be used.

The user may personalise the machining of specific parts by means of macros which he can generate himself.

In addition to this, the system has pre-defined macros which are of great use for carrying out cut outs, one- touch figure and similar single-punch operations.


Extractions: manual and automatic

Lantek Expert Punch controls all the possible ways of separating and removing the parts from the sheet, automatically: micro-fastenings, trap doors, machine stoppage, part removing systems and integrated shear.


Calculation of times and costs

Lantek Expert calculates the time and cost of punching each piece, and the totals for the sheet.






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