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Lantek Flex3d 5 Axis

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Lantek Flex3d 5X is a special application from the Lantek Flex3d family of products for automatic programming of five-axis machine tools for laser and water-jet cutting applications. Flex3d 5X is the result of over 20 years of experience of working in close collaboration with both manufacturers and users of this type of machine. It compliments the 2D and 3D sheet-metal product range already offered by Lantek.

Lantek Flex3d 5X is compatible with the popular 3D design systems. It enables import of parts in almost any of the International standard formats for the addition of the desired technology and subsequent cut generation. It is designed so that the user simply has to follow the instructions provided by the software itself. Designed to operate on desktop PC based systems, Flex3d 5X ustilises a similar user inerface to the other products in the Lantek family. As a result the software is very easy to learn, and very easy to use.

Technical characteristics

  • Importers of 3D, SAT, IGES, VDA solids and surfaces.
  • Shares a common database for machines and materials with Lantek Expert.
  • Detection of geometry, cutting outlines and solid thickness.
  • Manual head and cutting vector modification at each point.
    1. Positioning of coordinate centre and part on table.
    2. Cutting parameters.
    3. Cutting outlines can be selected.
    4. Vector modifications.
    5. Operations with micro-cuts.
    6. Cutting outlines can be erased or modified.
    7. Machinings can be erased or modified.
  • Checks for collisions in simulation.
  • Independent qualities for different outlines (cutting, stamping).
  • Automatic change to Lantek Expert for machining calculated supports.
  • Simulation of complete working environment: parts, supports, head, etc.

Automatic support calculation

Lantek Flex3d 5X automatically generates the supports necessary for positioning the part correctly on the cutting table.

Taking the desired position and height of the part above the cutting table as a basis, the system provides a user-modifiable grid, where the user can decide how many fasteners will hold the part in place and their location. The software generates the grid and fastener information in an easy to use and intuitive manner.

When the appropriate grid has been generated, Lantek Flex3d 5X calculates the solids necessary for positioning the part on the table and for it to be stable. Automatic fastener calculation takes cutting outlines into account so that the fasteners calculated do not interfere with either the cutting head or any of the holes to be cut. This will save valuable machine time normally associated with program verification on the machine tool.

If the user wishes, these fasteners could be viewed in 3D, which will enable checking. The design or the position of the fasteners can be modified and recalculated at any stage of the process.

When the correct fasteners are in place, the user can automatically transfer the 2D geometry to Lantek Expert Cut or Lantek Expert Punch for the parts to be cut on any available machine.


Lantek Flex3d 5X automatically detects all the part's cutting outlines, allowing semi-automatic machining of selected part outlines or automatic machining of all the outlines. The qualities to be applied to each outline can also be selected. The automatic machining sequences and model intelligence is generated irrespective of where the 3D CAD design data originated. As a result, Flex3d 5X enables products to be manufactured directly from design data, eliminating the potential errors.

After machining, the system enables simulation of the entire work environment (head, table, part, supports, etc). The software and post processors include a three dimensional model of the appropriate machine tool and cutting head. Lantek Flex3d 5X automatically detects any possible collisions of the head with any other elements involved in the cutting, giving a collision warning signal.

With Lantek Flex3d 5X the cutting direction can be changed, and any cutting vector can be modified, added, erased or inserted at any point of the outline and head to prevent unwanted movements or positions.



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