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Lantek Flex3d Steelwork

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Lantek Flex3d Steelwork is a new module in the family of Lantek Flex3d products focused on designing and machining of standard profiles (I, U, L, T and square or round tubes).

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork is a stand alone product and it does not require any other additional Lantek software.

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the sheet metal market, Lantek has been able to create a powerful off-line design and programming system for profile cutting machines in all their different versions: sawing, drilling, punching, tapping, oxycut and plasma cutting.


Easy and flexible design

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork allows 3D design in an intuitive and simple way, giving a real vision of the result that the user will obtain when cutting, drilling, shearing or sawing the profile on the machine.

The user can create any type of standard profile in a very flexible way. It is a parametric system, allowing the user to change the values of any of the operations made previously, including the possibility of changing the initial parameters of each profile (enlarge, shorten, etc…).

Once the design process is done, the user can simulate in 3D the head movement of the machine displaying each machining operation that is processed along the tube or the profile (profiling, drilling, sawing…). The user can also generate the NC file to send directly to the machine. Lantek Flex3d Steelwork, can be adapted to work with any profile or tube machine.


Technical Characteristics

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork displays the exact profile and simulates in 3D, each process, reducing to a minimum the possibility of errors.

It offers the user the possibility to create standard sections (I, U, L, T, circular or square tube.etc). This eliminates the need for the user to duplicate the entry of information to create a profile. It is only necessary to select one of the standard base sections and insert the length and material. The system is based on database technology, allowing complete management of the different profile products and remnants and getting really fast access to them.

It is totally integrated with the Lantek Expert III Production Control System for sheet steel manufacturers and Steel Stock Holders. From the manufacturing operations module in the management system, the user can run specific jobs, import DSTV files, make quotations of jobs or projects, manage in real time sheet steel, sections and tubes, manage serial and batch numbers for sections plus machining and transportation estimated times. Lantek Expert III provides an integral management for any company dedicated to storing and manufacture of sections and structures.


DSTV, SAT and CAM importers

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork can import data generated by 3rd party CAD systems used for designing structures, such as, DSTV, SAT and CAM files.

It allows the user to import the different formats including machining operations and make any modification for production.

The system converts the DSTV, SAT and CAM files into the native format for Lantek Flex3d which allows the user to apply modifications in a natural and easy way.

It also has the possibility to modify, add, and delete any machining operation required for the profile.

Lantek Flex3d can easily interpret the various properties of each file such as material thickness, material type and quantity if supported by the imported format


Design options

Apart from the basic operations of drilling, shearing, marking and sawing, the system has the possibility to create cutting operations from geometry imported from the Lantek 2D module, and imported formats such as DXF.

There are also dimensioning features to check the measurements of any geometry or machining operations of the profile


Lantek Flex3d Steelwork offers the user the possibility to apply the following operations:

  • Automatic and semi-automatic drilling, tapping and sinking operations along the profile (any flanges and/or web)
  • Automatic and semi-automatic cutting operations (plasma, oxycut, sawing or shearing).
  • Automatic tools for text and contour marking operations.
  • Cutting macros to be able to perform parametric operations and drive any 5 or 6 axis cutting head (bevel cutting)
  • Copy machining. The user has the chance to make copies of any machining already made on the profile. Modifications on machining will be applied to any copy of the original.


Profile cutting

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork will allow the user to obtain the best optimization of the profile path and the generation of the process file for the machine.

Nests can be created by importing sections from the database or by creating new ones.

Automatic or manual 3D nesting and automatic or manual machining of any contour on the profile.

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork provides an intuitive tool to locate any operation on the tree and or on the profile.

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork has the option to modify the cutting sequence order.

Automatic, semi-automatic or manual lead ins - lead out generation.

Remnant management.

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork has the option to modify manually the vectors of the cutting sequence calculated by the system automatically (add or delete vectors, or modify angles…).

The user can define different cutting qualities (different feed rates according to thickness and material) on the same cutting contour. They can also order or modify manually the sequence or the direction of the cutting path as well as kerf compensation management.

The system has automatic control of the work zone of the profile deciding and performing automatic repositions of the machine.

There are several reports (nestings, jobs…) and process forms with relevant information for the user


Cutting profiles simulation

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork allows you to simulate each profile operation such as, drilling, punching, the cutting head and the work zone.

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork will automatically generate the NC file for each machine from the machined contours on each profile.

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork detects any potential collisions automatically, and gives the user the tools to modify them manually. The system will automatically avoid collisions where possible. Where collisions occur, the system will display them on the screen during the simulation phase.

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork allows the simulation of all the machining operations and the trajectory of the cutting head. When collisions are found the user can stop the simulation to fix the problem

The user can visualize all off the parameters of cutting during the simulation (position of the axis, contour, reposition, head height…).

The user can also make zoom, movements, rotations and different axis positioning on the profile while viewing the simulation.

There is also the possibility of viewing the simulation step by step or forward and reverse.



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