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Lantek Flex3d SW is a software program which enables 3D sheet metal designs to be automatically unfolded and saved in the Lantek Expert database for subsequent use with Lantek Expert Cut or Punch. Totally integrated with SOLIDWORKS® from its 98plus version onwards, it is the ideal solution for creating and automatically unfolding parts in three dimensions.

Lantek Flex3d SW is a powerful intuitive tool that eliminates the need for the generation of unnecessary files or intermediate file formats. It provides SOLIDWORKS® users with a direct route into sheet metal manufacture with Lantek Expert Cut and Expert Punch software.

Designed for both subcontracting companies and companies with their own products, Lantek Flex3d SW forms part of a design environment, SOLIDWORKS®, which encourages productivity, creativity and design.

Technical characteristics

  • Unfolding directly into the Lantek Expert Database without the need for export and import using an intermediate file format such as IGES or DXF.
  • Allows for various parts to be unfolded individually or as part of a whole.
  • Permits work with assemblies, and their subsequent automatic unfolding. The unit of parts that may be designed with SOLIDWORKS® can be made up of parts of different materials (aluminium, sheet metal, plastic, galvanised metal, steel, etc.) and different thicknesses. Flex3d SW recognises the parts which use sheet metal and unfolds them automatically with the assigned thickness.
  • The system highlights for the user the bend line, and the limit of the bends. This information together with the geometry of the part is made available for further downstream applications. The bend line information can be added as non-cut technology for powder marking or etching.
  • Parametric system.
  • Associativity between the 3D and 2D parts. Any modification made to the 3D file is immediately visible in the 2D model.
  • SOLIDWORKS® provides translators for exporting and importing files from practically all the mechanical CAD systems on the market. The part and flat pattern development created can also be exported in different formats.


Integration with Lantek Expert

SOLIDWORKS® users will benefit form Lantek Flex3d SW with Lantek Expert Cut or Punch which will provide users with improved material utilisation, increased machine tool throughput, and a significant reduction in programming time.

Lantek Expert Cut

This is a CAD / CAM system specially designed to automate the programming of sheet metal cutting machines (oxycutting, plasma, laser and water jet).




Lantek Expert Punch

This is a CAD / CAM software program specially designed to automate the programming of punching machines.





All in one system

All the Lantek Expert options are included in one single program. The design, import and execution of the nesting (automatic or manual), the generation of the cutting (automatic or manual) and the CNC, the sheet metal database, etc. are all carried out from the same program without needing to exit from it.

Technical characteristics of Lantek Expert Cut and Punch:

  • Manual and automatic nesting with great flexibility and maximum performance.
  • Production management. Lantek Expert is designed for connection to an ERP.
  • Available for operation in autonomous mode or installed in a local network.
  • Part, material, and manufacturing technology database.
  • 2D and 3D design.
  • Intelligent importer / exporter.
  • Parametric parts library.
  • Calculation of real times and costs.
  • Optional modules: Duct design and development, press brake simulation, and shearing.


Lantek as a Solution Partner

Lantek has acquired Solution Partner status, which means that Lantek Flex3d SW complements the SOLIDWORKS® system, providing it with functions of specific interest to companies working in sheet metal processing.

SOLIDWORKS® is a registered trademark of SOLIDWORKS® Corporation.

Lantek – SOLIDWORKS Solution Partner



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