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Lantek Flex3d Tubes

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Lantek Flex3d Tubes is a member of the Lantek Flex3d family of products for the design and cutting of tubes and profiles.

Lantek Flex3d Tubes is a stand-alone application and no additional software is needed to work with it.


Technical characteristics

  • Lantek Flex3d Tubes gives a realistic display of the tube or profile on the computer screen.
  • The zoom, the views and the rotation tools allow for easy manipulation and editing of the design.
  • Lantek Flex3d Tubes offers the user the possibility of creating standard tubes based on his own parameters. In addition to cylindrical, rectangular, triangular tubes, etc., the user can design tube types adapted to his needs from 2D outlines.
  • The 2D design options allow for the design or import of the desired geometry, either to model a hole or place it on the tube.
  • Dynamic coordinate system specifically for tubes. This tool offers multiple options for positioning the coordinate system.


Easy, flexible design

Lantek Flex3d Tubes allows for simple and intuitive 3D design, giving the user a true vision of the result that will be obtained when the tube or profile is machine-cut. The system is parametric. It allows for the values of any of the operations carried out to be changed, including the modification of the initial design parameters of the tube or profile (lengthening, shortening, change of diameter, etc.)

Once the design stage is complete, the user can simulate the path followed by the cutting tool, or can directly generate the numeric control programme in order to send it to the machine. Lantek Flex3d Tubes adapts the cutting information to the characteristics of each machine, taking into account whether the machine has three or five axis capability.


Design options

Complete or partial chamfers on either of the two ends of the tube.

Possibility of creating any type of hole (round, rectangular...), whether it is a through hole or not, at any point of the tube or profile, at any angle. The user can import 2D geometry, or detail it in the 2D module and project it onto the tube in order to create the hole.

If the tube intersects at either of its ends with another tube, Lantek Flex3d Tubes can easily calculate this intersection.

With Lantek Flex3d Tubes, 2D geometry can be projected onto the tube so that the geometry is “placed” on the outside of the tube and adapts to its shape.

The data for any operation carried out can be checked and modified at any time.


Cutting the tube or profile

The system calculates cutting outlines for three and five-axis machines. Depending on the machine tool characteristics, Lantek Flex3d Tubes generates the necessary information for the cut to be made.

For each one of the outlines generated, the desired technology, the lead-in and the micro-cuts can all be specified independently. If required, the option of all these parameters being calculated automatically is available.

The machine’s technological parameters are specified in material dependency tables, all of which are totally user- configurable.

The order in which the outlines are cut can also be calculated automatically, or it may be defined manually by the user.


CNC simulation and generation

Lantek Flex3d Tubes allows the cutting tool and its path to be simulated on the tube. If the simulation obtained is satisfactory, Lantek Flex3d Tubes automatically generates the numerical control file for the machine, integrating design and post-processing information in the same environment.

Lantek Flex3d Tubes uses ACIS® technology as a base for solids creation.



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