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Lantek Integra Products

Thinking Metal Software Solutions - Lantek Integra products

Lantek Integra Products allows the user to manage and access all the key information related to all products of the company.

Lantek Integra Products is specially designed to meet the needs of companies requiring the management of information connected to their product range: product designs, structure, dimensions, costs, sale prices and purchase prices, among other things.

The solution provides view and filter options for each family of product: sheet parts, profile parts, sheets, structures and consumables.

Lantek Integra Products, main characteristics:


Product structure management (BOM)

Lantek Integra BOM is an option specially designed for companies that produce and/or administer their own product structure management, i.e. products with a number of components and sub-components. Those components could be manufactured or purchased.

The system enables the user to easily visualise the complete product structure and its different characteristics: the associated components, quantity, type, operations, costs, prices and dimensions, among other things.


Integration with 2D and 3D CAD

Lantek Integra Products is fully integrated with 2D CAD solutions as well as the main 3D CAD design systems such as: Solid Works®, Solid Edge® and Inventor®.

3D assemblies, with a defined product structure can be imported with their full Bill Of Materials generating the structure within the Lantek system. All sheet metal parts within the assembly are automatically unfolded.

The module includes a set of powerful standard format importers. These importers provide a fast an intuitive way to optimise the creation of parts.

In addition to this, the system is totally integrated with the document management tools, allowing the user to edit, visualise, and manage all the documents associated to the products.


Costs and price management

Each company has a different strategy for calculating costs, sales prices and purchase prices for its products.

The system calculates the corresponding costs of each product automatically and in complete detail: work site costs, material and labor costs, among other things.

Lantek Integra Products enables costs and prices to be managed for the different products types: manufactured, purchased, sales, sub-contracted and more.

This data is automatically transferred to each of the business processes: sales, purchases and inventory management.


Reserve management

Integrated with the rest of the functional modules, on the launch of a sales order or manufacturing order the system generates the product requirements or reserves automatically such that these orders can be realised.

Also, integrated with inventory management for each product, a minimum stock amount can be defined so that the system will generate a product requirement as soon as this amount is breached.

Therefore, each product has its own type of reservation category owning to sales order, to manufacturing order or to a minimum stock achievement among other things.


Analysis and history of products

The system integrates and links all the data with products, fulfilled orders, manufacturing orders, sales, prices, descriptions, etc. allowing simple and effective analysis.

It manages the record of all products registered by the company.



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