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Lantek Integra Sales

Thinking Metal Software Solutions - Lantek Integra sales

Lantek Integra Sales manages the traceability of all information throughout the sale cycle.

Lantek Integra Sales has been specially designed to cater for all the needs associated with the sales cycle of a company.

All the necessary information is available immediately to all employees involved in the sales process. This creates an opportunity for their time to be spent in higher value added tasks.

Lantek Integra Sales, main characteristics:


Management of sales

The solution provides the integral management of all sale orders. If an offer is made, the system gathers all the quote information and it allows the modification of each item.

People involved in sales management are regularly informed of their progress. The solution includes different views for order lines: one focused on costs and prices management and another one specially designed to follow an order.

So, for example, it is possible to check if a product is already manufactured and/or just shipped at the required quantities, in detail.


Management consignment

The system manages the consignment of manufactured products. It always keeps control of orders and its status, in real time.

From the sales module, and thanks to a configurable view to speed up the process, it is possible to access to the generated consignments and pending of invoicing.



The system manages all registered sales invoices. Invoicing may be made against a sales order, against a delivery note or by user's demand.

By means of configured views to optimise the invoicing process, it is possible to access to invoices and pending shipments.

The sales order status and/or delivery notes are updated after each fulfilled invoice. Using filters, it is easy to access to the different invoices classified according to user’s criteria: invoices to account, invoices accounted and invoices paid among other things.

The detailed registration of the each sale invoice is fully integrated with the accounting modules and the estimated payments.


Customer risk management

The solution includes risk management functionality for the enterprise. It provides an efficient tool to ensure the complete management of the invoicing function.

Each company has its own risk management limit. Every time that a sales element is registered (order, delivery note and/or invoice) the system checks the element against the current total risk, and advises accordingly.

Should the risk limit be exceeded, there are options to: lock the customer, redefine limit and/or lock the order among other things.


Comptability of sales process with other modules

The system provides complete integration of all sales cycle: sales orders, delivery notes and associated documents.

Integration with all Lantek Integra management modules: Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Purchases, etc. All the different stages involved are perfectly integrated so that the information is automatically relayed from one stage to the next.

Likewise, we can issue production orders in response to sales orders, generating the entire production list required to service the order.

There are different options in order to block the sale documents: block the invoice after being counted, block the invoice after being sent, etc.


Analysis and history of sales

The system provides different tools to analyse the complete sales cycle. It produces detailed management reports including orders, concurrent costs, and pending invoicing, etc.

All this information allows the enterprise to provide a better service to the customers and constantly keep them updated of progress of the sales order, manufacturing, consignment and invoicing.

It contains an advanced sales history management. The sale documents go directly to “history” section from a configured date.



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