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Thinking Metal Software Solutions - Lantek Wos

The main advantage is to know what is happening in the workshop at all times to ensure that all decisions are made based on accurate data.

Workshop Operating System (Wos) is a system for the control and monitoring of production, designed for companies working with sheet metal.

It provides you all necessary tools required to collect the data involved in the production process: status, manpower, materials, machines, inventory, etc.

From the workshop, the system is updated with valid data in real time. It provides the office with accurate and current data.

Lantek Wos, main characteristics:


Monitoring and validation of the manufacturing process

Designed for integration with the Lantek Expert CAD/CAM programming system, and the production management system Lantek Manager, it allows the production manager to specify which work centre or machine is to carry out each job.

The different solutions give the option of monitoring nests in real time, and verifying the production of any order at any given time. The operator can display all the necessary information to validate the pending and assigned work.


Easy to use

The main principle of Lantek Wos is to provide a solution for easy and efficient workshop data input. The system has intuitive screens, with a minimal need for data entry. The information is clear, so anyone is capable of interaction with the system without previous knowledge.

Lantek Wos represents the perfect balance between ease of use, power and functionality (a compulsory requirement in the production sector).

Lantek Wos includes multiple options for the full display of information associated with nests and manufacturing operations.

  • 2D nest design.
  • List of pending nests and their status. It is also possible to re-order the sequence of jobs or even change the machine tool.
  • Turret configuration when punching machines are used.
  • Numerical control (CNC) of the nests.
  • Data of the parts: the user may check each one of the parts that make up the nest and their quantity, length, height and related order, etc.
  • Process and machine times.
  • Graphic and intuitive display of operations and nest status.


Warehouse management

The system allows the user to select the actual sheet used to cut the nest, always retaining traceability. The warehouse is totally updated. It removes the cut sheets and registers the obtained parts and the generated remnants.

It is also possible to register the parts that have been lost during the production process and to manage the processing, quality controls, etc.


Productivity increase

With Lantek Wos it is possible to register all the data immediately so the system becomes an essential tool to make decisions.

Paper use is minimised. Therefore, the unnecessary administrative tasks are removed as they don't contribute to production process.

In short, the system contributes to the optimisation of productivity and the reduction of manufacturing costs.



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