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Lantek software solutions for cost optimization when building buses and trucks

Lantek software solutions for cost optimization when building buses and trucks

Prominent manufacturers of commercial vehicles stand out mainly because of their customized vehicle concepts. The transport tasks of their clients vary and have to satisfy strict requirements in terms of safety, flexibility, and volume. Lantek software supports them, using the most up-to-date technology for the manufacture of trucks, tankers, and buses, standard models and custom products, for the widest variety of purposes and transported materials. The CAD/CAM, MES and ERP software solutions from the worldwide market leader optimize all processes: from quote generation to computer-assisted design, intelligent materials usage and synchronization of production steps, to on-time completion and inventory management.

Commercial vehicle manufacturers combine custom products with system components while maintaining the same degree of functionality and safety, whether for tippers, flatbeds, trailers and truck bodies, or low-loaders, sliding-floor systems and tankers, buses and even custom vehicles, not intended for everyday use. Database-backed 2D and 3D designs mean special models can be developed individually and quickly; even design changes can be incorporated at short notice. Lantek software solutions are tailor-made to suit your special requirements and are designed to provide maximum flexibility and dynamic production processes matched to ever-changing demands.

Nesting saves time and money

“Cost pressures in this industry have increased considerably,” reports Rob Powell, Sales Manager at Lantek UK. “Clients are dictating the expected material use and corresponding prices to the vehicle manufacturers.”

Lantek clients in the commercial-vehicle sector rely mainly on Lantek Expert Cut for programming sheet-metal cutting machinery (oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, and water jet). The CAD/CAM solution is based on more than 25 years of experience working in close collaboration with manufacturers and users. It supports the machine technology perfectly, promotes high productivity and quality, and provides comprehensive nesting options for maximum materials usage, so saving time and money.

Lantek software optimizes the production capacity of your workshops by combining the manufacture of special client requirements with the production of standard products. Any free capacity can be leveraged by manufacturing standard products for immediate availability to meet orders at a later date. This guarantees not only optimal machine utilization but also maximum material usage. There is no costly downtime or left-over sheet metal.

Monitoring of all production processes – with a mouse click and in real time

But, Lantek software can do even more: The software solutions allow continuous monitoring of all production processes up to completion – with a mouse click and in real time. That way, production managers can check at any time that the quality is correct, that production is running efficiently and optimizing costs, and that delivery times are being met.

With Lantek Integra, companies in this industry can also use tools to control and monitor the entire manufacturing process right up to enterprise resource planning by integrating the software into their own systems. Why? Because Lantek Integra is an ultra-flexible solution that includes CRM, purchasing, inventory management, supervision, and quality control of current projects, plus linkage to accounting programs. The system can, for example, evaluate inventories of standard products and match them to orders, so exactly the right parts are ordered for a particular job. In addition to special or internally manufactured components made using the standard program, it is also possible to manage the procurement and inventory of external items, and to check their costs and delivery dates so all products are ready on time.

The integration of Lantek software into the manufacture of commercial vehicles is a highly-transparent process – from ordering to production to delivery. The staff in charge makes decisions on the basis of real-time data. Companies can optimize and synchronize their manufacturing processes so that loaders, tankers, buses, and custom products not only come in on cost, but are also ready on time – for optimal procedures and maximum added value. This competitive edge produced by customized software solutions makes Lantek a key partner to companies in the commercial vehicle industry.

Currently, Lantek has over 15,000 customers worldwide. There are over 550 customers in U.K and Ireland from all branches of sheet-material and steel processing, including smaller and medium size service providers, sheet and steel commercial enterprises, as well as manufacturing and storage sites of large industrial concerns such as PRG Trailers, Langver Engineering and Thompson UK.

About Lantek

Lantek provides CAD/CAM/MES/ERP solutions for companies that use cutting (laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, water jet, and shears) and stamping processes in the production of steel sheet, steel pipes, and steel beams. Lantek combines the most advanced nesting techniques in the industry with the highest standards of production management. The company stands for innovation and has deliberately pursued globalization since its founding in 1986 in the northern Spanish province of Alava. That is how Lantek developed into a leading supplier of CAD/CAM/MES and ERP solutions. Lantek is today the global leader for non-proprietary software for sheet metal and steel processing. Its solutions do not come from just one machine manufacturer and are capable of controlling different systems from a single interface. The company currently has over 15,000 customers in more than 100 countries. It is represented by its own offices in 15 countries. It also has a large network of distributors.

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