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ISL Photonics and Lantek collaborate to deliver high efficiency laser cutting solutions in Europe

ISL Photonics and Lantek collaborate to deliver high efficiency laser cutting solutions in Europe

Lantek, leader in sheet metal CAD/CAM solutions has reached an agreement with Bulgarian fibre laser cutting machine manufacturer ISL Photonics to supply its Lantek Expert system with the company’s Gladius, Maximus and Optimus machines.

ISL Photonics has been supplying its machines to sheet metal manufacturers in Central Europe and works on the principle of ‘less is more’ which serves as basis for the design and manufacture of its fibre laser cutting systems. The aim of the company is to create extremely compact machines requiring minimum working space but with high-tech components providing high speed, accuracy and high quality cutting performance.

Lantek has 15 of its own offices worldwide and a network of distributors in over 100 countries including Bulgaria, which enables the company to provide local support for ISL Photonics and its customers. The Lantek Expert software will enable users of the Gladius, Maximus and Optimus machines to make full use of the capabilities of each machine and, with the advanced nesting in the software, achieve optimum material utilization. As well as offering advanced automated programming for the machines and high efficiency cutting cycles, Lantek has a suite of software that can control every aspect of sheet metal manufacture with its Lantek Factory concept. ISL Photonics’ customers can use this to maximize profitability and efficiency to offer a superior and cost effective solution to their customers.

Francisco Pérez, Director of OEM Channel at Lantek says, “Our partnership with ISL Photonics will fit well with its ‘less is more’ philosophy where it offers high quality parts and equipment to its customers in a compact package. Lantek is recognized as a world leader in its field and, by supplying its software with the three machine models, will bring users the benefit of fast automated programming, highly efficient and accurate cutting and cost and process control which will add significantly to profitability and efficiency.”

About Lantek

Lantek provides software solutions CAD/CAM/MES/ERP for companies fabricating sheet metal, tubes, and beams with any cutting (laserplasmaoxy-cutwater jetshear) and punching technology. Lantek integrates the most advanced nesting software in the industry with the highest standards in manufacturing management solutions.

Its capacity for innovation and its firm commitment to internationalization and emerging markets have led Lantek, founded in 1986 in the Basque Country and with central offices in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava), to devise a global-local strategy, which has meant it has become a global reference within the industry with its CAD/CAM/MES/ERP solutions. Today, the company has over 18,000 customers in over 100 countries and its own offices in 15 countries, in addition to an extensive network of distributors that are present throughout the world. In 2015 its international operations provided 88% of its turnover.

For more information, visit: www.lanteksms.com
or request more details at: marketing@lanteksms.com

October 2016
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