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Lantek obtains the 'Omax Compatible Partner' certification for cutting machines

Lantek obtains the 'Omax Compatible Partner' certification for cutting machines

This certification will allow Lantek to integrate its Lantek Expert solution in OMAX cutting machines, achieving even greater optimization of the capacities of its machines.

Omax customers will benefit from the compatibility of Lantek software with one of the world's largest manufacturers of water jet cutting machines.

Lantek, a multinational pioneer in the digital transformation of the industrial metal sector, has obtained the "OMAX Compatible Partner" certification from the American manufacturer OMAX Corporation. As from now, Lantek is part of the exclusive ecosystem of companies certified by OMAX. This announcement was made by the company, which from now on will be able to integrate its Lantek Expert solution in OMAX water jet cutting machines to jointly meet the demands of the market in terms of productivity and effectiveness.

Water jet cutting machines are designed to cut any material, since they do not cause heat warping. For this reason, they are used in different sectors where high precision is required, such as aeronautics, marble, naval and rail, among others. These machines provide great quality in the finishing.

As explained by Francisco Pérez, Lantek’s OEM Channel Director "all our customers will be able to take advantage and benefit from the compatibility of our software with one of the world's largest manufacturers of water jet cutting machines, since our software will optimize even more the capabilities of OMAX machines. We are very excited about the agreement we have reached."

"Lantek’s certification is another example of how OMAX works closely with software companies to deliver powerful solutions to manufacturing customers on a global scale," explains Stephen Bruner, Vice President of Marketing for OMAX. "Our Compatible Partner program connects customers with third-party suppliers and also encourages these suppliers to develop software that improves the productivity of OMAX customers and machines."

In this regard, this certification is part of the Lantek Partners Program to integrate its solutions and technology in the cutting machines of the leading manufacturers around the world. Through these solid product integrations, the company seeks to boost and strengthen both its relationship with partners and customers, and generate greater synergies. It also aims to maximize and simplify implementations and improve interoperability, increasing the features and productivity of users.

In this way, and with the help of its partners, OMAX and Lantek will be able to better address the opportunities and growth of the sector, as well as to satisfy the demands of the market in terms of productivity and effectiveness.

About OMAX Corporation

Based in Kent, Washington, OMAX Corporation is the leading manufacturer of advanced abrasive waterjet systems. Owner of the OMAX, MAXIEM, GlobalMAX and ProtoMAX brands, the company designs and manufactures complete waterjet systems that feature intuitive software, efficient pump technology, and a wide range of accessories. The ISO 9001:2015 certified company designs, manufactures, assembles and tests components as a complete system to ensure optimum performance. The company also has the most comprehensive service and support network in the waterjet industry to keep its customers ahead of the manufacturing curve. For more information, visit OMAX.com or connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

About Lantek

Lantek provides software solutions CAD/CAM/MES/ERP for companies fabricating sheet metal, tubes, and beams with any cutting ( laser, plasma, oxy-cut, water-jet, shear) and punching technology. Lantek integrates the most advanced nesting software in the industry with the highest standards in manufacturing management solutions.

Its capacity for innovation and its firm commitment to internationalization and emerging markets have led Lantek, founded in 1986 in the Basque Country and with central offices in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava), to devise a global-local strategy, which has meant it has become a global reference within the industry with its CAD/CAM/MES/ERP solutions. Today, the company has over 17,000 customers in over 100 countries and its own offices in 15 countries, in addition to an extensive network of distributors that are present throughout the world. In 2015 its international operations provided 88% of its turnover.

For more information, visit: www.lanteksms.com or request more details at: marketing@lanteksms.com

February 2018
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