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Lantek, universal partner for machine tool manufacturers

Lantek, universal partner for machine tool manufacturers

Providing software solutions in 18 languages, certified for all types of machinery, and technical support round the clock anywhere in the world.

The capacity to adapt to our partners' profiles, friendly service and versatility - these are the key competitive advantages that Lantek, world leader in the development and distribution of software for the sheet metal industry, is committed to providing for its partners internationally.

"Wherever Lantek has a presence it provides really high quality service. Our sales and technical support reaches out to wherever it is needed. Lantek offers a wide range of services for partners in the OEM channel which enables machine tool manufacturers to install their machines anywhere in the world faster, with lower overall costs and a guarantee of end client satisfaction," Francisco Pérez, Lantek's OEM Channel Manager, explains.

The Company stands out by providing global services in 18 languages, 24 hour support in any time zone and personal or on-site attention worldwide. In fact it has 22 dedicated offices in 14 countries and customers in more than 100.

"Lantek has the capacity to innovate in partnership with the manufacturer and quickly incorporate new ideas into their machines, thanks to the skills available in our R&D centre,” says Lantek's OEM Channel Manager. The sheet metal processing industry is extremely complex and specialised, but in a relatively short time the company has become a worldwide benchmark for the development and marketing of dedicated technological solutions. The Lantek Research Centre is currently recognised as one of the most competent and reliable knowledge centres in the international machine tool sector and comprises more than 20% of the company’s entire workforce.

Lantek, a versatile ally

As a technological partner Lantek offers a wide range of services for the manufacturers it works with, making it a versatile, effective ally. Lantek's partners can take advantage of complementary assistance services such as sales and technical support, co-marketing, joint case studies, joint market assessment, installation, retrofit and update services, training, and remote or in situ technical assistance to the end client or to the manufacturer's engineers.

Lantek is aware that every partner has specific needs and requirements. The multinational keeps this firmly in mind when it implements its services. Thus, Lantek can tailor the most effective package for each particular partner in the OEM channel. “Our competitive advantage lies in the knowledge that Lantek has accumulated throughout the years on the specific details of different machines used on the global sheet metal processing market, including plate, tubes and profiles,” says Francisco Pérez.

With this in mind, Lantek has developed an outstanding capacity for responding to each type of partner, from the most conservative to the most avant garde regardless of location or technological requirements. “We aim to ensure the best results for our manufacturing partners and that, of course, has a positive impact on the satisfaction of their end clients,” adds Lantek's OEM Channel Manager. Proof of this is the consolidated presence of Lantek software throughout the OEM channel in countries such as Germany, China, Turkey, Poland, Spain and Korea. International business accounts for more than 80% of Lantek's turnover. The OEM channel already contributes 10% of this business.

About Lantek

Lantek is a multinational world leader in the development and marketing of software solutions for the the sheet metal and fabrication industry and machine tools sector. The company’s capacity for innovation and strong commitment to international and emerging markets has led Lantek, founded in 1986 in the Basque Country and with head offices in Vitoria (Alava), to become the global benchmark for the industry with its CAD/CAM/MES/ERP solutions. The company currently has over 12,000 customers in over 100 countries and offices in 15 countries, in addition to an extensive network of distributors across the world. The company’s international business in 2012 has contributed 85% of its turnover.

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