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Lantek After-sales Service

Lantek After-sales Service

Lantek continues as the sector leader thanks to establishing clear objectives. On the one hand it offers the most innovative and tested solutions on the market, and on the other is committed to a unique after-sales service. Concepts like commitment and quality form part of the Lantek identity.

When delivering a solution, the after-sales service that accompanies it is as important as the product itself. Lantek is aware that it delivers one of the best products available on the market and that its services are of the highest quality.

Among the services that Lantek makes available to its clients are:

(+91) 80 4132 5771
(+91) 80 4132 5772
(+91) 80 4132 5773

Maintenance and Support

There are different kinds of maintenance and support contracts so that that each customer can choose the one that best meets the specific requirements of their company.

Advantages that this service can provide to our customers are:

  • Training discounts.
  • Preferred telephone hot-line service.
  • Annual software update.
  • Direct Service Pack updates throughout the year.
  • Discounts for customer site visits by our technicians.
  • Private access to the Customer website, where the following information is available:


Lantek Training Courses

Lantek arranges training courses so that end users, as well as our partners, learn how easy the software is to work with, and how to take maximum advantage of its many features.

Moreover, Lantek will arrange custom courses at our facilities, or theirs, in order to meet the training requirements of our partners and / or customers.

It should be remembered that training plans are continuous; on the one hand guaranteeing that new or substitute personnel understand the possibilities that the solution offers, and on the other making sure that users get the most out of it, profiting still more from the system.


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