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International Meeting 2007

International Meeting 2007

During the first week of February 2007, Lantek’s Board of Directors together with the National Managers of the 14 worldwide Lantek branch offices held the 8th International Meeting at the Alava Technology Park. The aim of this meeting was to analyze the company’s results in 2006 and to establish the main objectives and strategies for 2007.

With an Improvement in the estimated growth for 2006 of more than 2%, last year´s results indicated that Lantek grew more than 18% compared with 2005 and reached 8,6 Million € in turnover.

Lantek increased their number of customers by 1.000 and that means that at this moment more than 7.000 customers in more than 90 countries in the 5 continents rely on Lantek as their sheet metal CAD/CAM software provider. Many of these new customers are located in Russia, Turkey, Middle East and China where Lantek grew significantly during 2006.

“2006 has been a very positive year for Lantek, if we take into consideration that the final results were above our own expectations and these expectations were also very optimistic, we are really happy with what we have done during this year. Not only because of the numbers presented during the meeting in Vitoria but because these numbers are a consequence of the daily effort that allows us to continue consolidating our position in the new markets where we are entering.
During 2006 we opened new offices in Poland, Czech Republic and China and in January 2007, we have just opened Lantek Mexico. This will allow us to be in direct and permanent contact with our customers and it is thanks to the continued trust they give us every year. Despite the growth in offices, Lantek has been able to consolidate the existing ones, with 4 of the 9 current offices exceeding the 1 million € turnover in 2006. We could have never made it without the strong commitment of our 30 or more distributors and agents worldwide.
2006 has been very important from the team point of view. During this year and thanks to our policy of investing 15% of our turnover in R&D, 20 new engineers reinforced the development team at our headquarters in Spain. In the same way, the opening of new offices and the consolidation of the old ones allowed us to increase our personal with 25 new support engineers worldwide. All of this increases up to 152 the number of Lantek employees all over the world. This has been possibly the biggest increase in human resources ever made in our company and this makes us optimistic for the future”, states Joseba Pagaldai Commercial Director of Lantek Sheet Metal Solutions

2007: Main Targets

“Once again we are setting a very ambitious target for 2007, we want to grow 22% and increase our turnover in order to exceed the 10 million € barrier. To do this we need to be focused on the 3 main objectives we defined in our strategic plan. First of all, we need to keep our investment in R&D and therefore increasing our development capacity to deliver state-of-the-art products providing our customers with the most powerful CAD/CAM/ERP system available in the market. Secondly, consolidating our international presence by increasing our current teams in new offices such as Mexico, China and Central Europe, as well as entering new markets such as Russia, Turkey, the Middle East and Asia. Third and most importantly, enhancing our people, to make the team work better and more efficiently by offering continuous education is the basis for our future success” highlights Pagaldai

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