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Lantek opens offices in Turkey

Lantek opens offices in Turkey

With the purpose to increase its presence in Turkey, Lantek, a supplier of CAD/CAM software for the sheet metal industry, opened two new branch offices in the Turkish cities of Bursa and Istanbul in June 2007.

With the purpose to increase its presence in Turkey, Lantek opened two new branch offices in the Turkish cities of Bursa and Istanbul in June 2007.

The opening of these new branch offices is the consequence of the significant growth experienced by Lantek in this market in the last years, as well as the promising expectations of sheet metal machine tool consumption in this country, which is seen as an important growth opportunity for CAD/CAM sales by the Spanish company.

Joseba Pagaldai, Commercial Director of Lantek, highlights that "During the last 3 years, Lantek was able to get established in a very important way. During these years we have signed very important agreements with the main Turkish machine tool manufacturers and this has given us a good reputation and a big customer base. Due to the growth that Turkey is experiencing and the future perspectives, we have noticed that this market is demanding our direct presence in the country.
By having our own office in Turkey, with our own staff exclusively trained for the commercialization and support of our products, we can guarantee a high quality service for our Turkish customers and machine tool manufacturers and additionally increase our international presence."

Lantek`s branch offices in Turkey is made up by a team of five people, dedicated to commercial activities and technical support to customers, distributors and OEMs. Lantek has decided to open an office in Bursa where most of the manufacturers are located and one more in Istanbul, main business city of Turkey.

"With this new office in Turkey, Lantek reached the number of 14 branch offices abroad.
Since 1991, when we opened our first branch in France, we have developed an important internationalization process that has allowed us to gain an important market share in countries as technologically advanced as Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Rep, United States, Mexico, China, India, Japan and Korea.
This has made it possible for Lantek to sell more than 70% of its production in foreign countries and to expect reaching the important figure of more than 6000 customers in more than 90 countries all over the world for 2006. We have the strongest international direct presence among our competitors. We are, no doubt, a world-wide reference in the CAD/CAM software for the sheet metal industry,"
points out Pagaldai.

Junho 2007
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