Lantek MES is the family of Lantek products intended for companies who wish to acquire a complete and competitive solution to manage and optimize their manufacturing processes, having real time control of all the different activities taking place in the workshop.

Lantek MES Products

  • Manufacturing Management software for metal factories - Lantek Manager

    MES Manager

    Lantek MES Manager is the sheet metal MES software (Manufacturing Execution System) that directs the execution of all manufacturing processes in the workshop, from launching work orders to production plant to finishing the product.

  • Workshop Control Software - Lantek Wos


    Lantek Wos is a software system that provides you all necessary tools required to collect the data involved in the production process of metal companies in the machine operator workstation.

  • Workshop Data Input Software - Lantek Workshop Capture


    Lantek Workshop Capture is a software system that provides data input capabilities in the shop floor.

  • Warehouse Inventory Management Software - Lantek Integra Inventory


    It is a management solution that provides a real time view of all the key information relating to the quantity and valuation of stock for each warehouse.

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