Implementing Innovation Processes in Globally-Connected Manufacturing Plants

The metal industry is in a transformation stage. Digital technologies are at the heart of this transition and are helping companies connect their factories worldwide. While there are many benefits like improved communications and process efficiencies, it won’t happen overnight. Applying new innovations to a global team requires new or revamped processes that translate across cultures.

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Global Release 2017 - Lantek introduces important innovations for the digitalization of companies

Lantek has developed important innovations in its software solutions to improve performance and adapt even better to the needs of its customers in the fabrication sector. These improvements are part of the continuous innovation policy that the multinational applies to its products and which bring the reality of digital processing ever closer for manufacturers.

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Advantages of becoming a Factory 4.0

No fewer than 90% of Spanish companies lack a digital strategy. According to a report by the renowned German strategic consulting firm, Roland Berger. Today however, these barriers can and should be saved, especially now that the fourth industrial revolution is here. It is unstoppable and there is no turning back. If you resist change you will be out of the market.

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