Lantek Flex3d is a 3d nesting software for automating the CNC programming for 3D machining tubes, pipes, beams, profiles, and sheet metal to enable the optimization of costs and processes through smart automation.

Lantek Flex3d provides the most advanced nesting algorithms and machining strategies (Thinkingmetal Technology) and performs at excellent level with machines of any of the existing technologies: laser, plasma, saw, oxy-fuel or water jet, even combined with complementary tools like drilling, marking, milling, tapping and others.

Lantek Flex3d achieves an outstanding performance with our Machine Tool Builder Partners, based on our close collaboration with them, but also optimizes the results of machines from manufacturers like Amada, Boda, Bystronic, Daito, Dardi, Farley, Ficep, Geka, HanKwang, Hans Laser, HGG, Kotec, Mazak, Microstep, NTC, Peddinghaus, Prima Power, ProArc, Promotech, Stako, Trumpf, Vanad, Voortman, and many other.

Lantek ensures excellent results for any machine today and in the future.

Lantek Flex3d Products

  • pipe cutting software


    CAD/CAM software system for designing, nesting and cutting parts of tubes and pipes.

  • 5 axis simulation software


    CAD/CAM software system for automatic programming of five-axis machine tools for laser and water-jet cutting machines.

  • nesting software for solidworks

    CAD Addins

    Software application which allows any CAD design made for sheet metal parts to be automatically unfolded and loaded into Lantek Expert. It is seamlessly integrated with SOLIDWORKS®, Solid Edge®, Autodesk Inventor® and other CAD modelling systems.

  • unfold software


    Software application which enables 3D design of folded sheet metal parts and generates their subsequent automatic unfolded design.

  • steel nesting software


    CAD/CAM software system for designing, nesting and cutting parts of standard beams & profiles.