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Metal Working and CNC Machine Tool Show

Metal Working and CNC Machine Tool Show

International metal working and CNC machine tool show.

Lantek managed the new 5-axis waterjet cutting machine with high praise from customers and visitors.

The "Metalworking and CNC Machine Tool Show (MWCS)" is one of the most important commercial fairs for metal working which was held last November in Shanghai (China.) A meeting place where professionals from the sector showcased their latest technology and products for the industry.

As has been usual year after year, Lantek took part in the fair achieving more attendance of visitors than previous years, considering it the best option to reach Chinese customers and thus establish new contacts with new manufacturers at the fair, and to accompany the existing ones with our presence in the same building that hosted the highest number of laser and punching machinery manufacturers.

Although the trend of the Chinese machine tool market is downward for the last quarter, the participation of both visitors and exhibitors has been a success with over 220,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors from the machine tool sector who came from 15 countries.

Thanks to this there have been new commercial opportunities that could bear results in later months.

Lantek has taken the opportunity to let customers know about the importance of efficient production management with our solutions, Lantek Manager and Lantek Wos, and the possibility of managing all their machines with our CAD/CAM solution for the design, nesting and subsequent generation of CNCs.

Also worth mentioning is the presentation at the fair of the new 5-axis waterjet cutting machine managed by Lantek for both 2D and 3D cutting, a machine made by Dardi Waterjet and equipped with Italian ESA numerical control.

Customers were thus able to take as a souvenir the different parts cut by the machine, as a result of the innovation and efficiency born from the alliance between Lantek and Dardi, a Chinese manufacturer specialised in high pressure waterjet cutting machines.

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